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leeches in as great numbers as the strength the patient will bear, applied in the neighborhood the affected ear, and the occiput ice-cold applications the latter finally, a powerful pustulating ointment between the occiput and the nape the neck, applied until a plentiful eruption produced, which should kept discharging We know no special remedies for nervous deafness. Its treatment ghostwriter review can only founded upon a correct diagnosis, and a knowledge general principles. Yet would invite the attention our readers the modes treatment have employed, with such modifications as are indicated variations due the age, constitution, habit, occupation, etc.

the patient. Inasmuch as marked improvement sometimes occurs in this variety deafness, should never neglect in the beginning exhibit the so-called resorbents among which remedies good nourishment certainly ranks high. Injections iodide potassium grs. distilled water through the catheter may value in recent cases.

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In old cases, such as usually come the aural surgeon, I have never seen any decided benefit either from local or general treatment.

Only once have I seen any great benefit the hearing from local treatment the use Politzer's method and the catheter. In this case, however, before any treatment was begun, some the hearing power had returned after absolute deafness had existed for six phd dissertation writing service months.

The treatment the first class cases, those which arehereditary, or the result mental emotion, consists in the use alteratives and tonics. If these fail, and there exalted sensibility, then resort the use sedatives and anodynes applied the Eustachian tube or the external meatus, such as acetate morphia, dissolved in i water, with a few drops acetic acid, which is added a small portion eau cologne. This may applied a small pledget cotton, or means a nebulizer, or one the apparatus before described. Sulphuric ether or chloroform may used in the same manner.

Where can i find someone to write my paper

The second form nervous deafness results from cold and its consequences.

The treatment commenced by leeching or dry cupping below the ear, the application tincture iodine, with the internal use small doses mild purgatives, followed tonics, as sulphate quinia, iodide iron, with cod-liver oil. Change air the seashore coursework online in extreme hot weather, and later in the season to the best essay help mountains, may service.

For those whose means will not permit them travel, resort may had the salt-bath, friction the skin, and gymnastic exercises, and care, during the prevalence easterly winds or extreme cold, cover the ears. In chronic cases, warm air should blown Politzer's air-bag through the nose, with or without the vapor phd thesis writing services iodine. Or means the nebulizer a solution sulphate zinc, grs. iipv, water i, alternating with a solution muriate ammonia, pay someone to do my paper grs. xx water Si, may employed daily for three or four weeks, In the third variety nervous deafness, arising from compression or white softening the auditory nerve in the internal ear, there severe and constant headache, vertigo, noises various kinds within the ear, double hearing, impaired sight, with or without weakness the mental In the treatment this class cases, the general condition the patient must always borne in mind. If the patient plethoric, venesection indicated cups to the nape the neck, or leeches at the base the mastoid process, followed the internal administration of acetate potassa and sulphate magnesia, in small and repeated doses, diminish the excess serum in the blood. Should these means fail, may employ alterative doses of some form mercurial alone, or in combination with iodine or iodide or bromide potassium. A favorite remedy the protiodide mercury, in combination with extract of belladonna, or opium.

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