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In acute cases the author has seen the first faint dark line or spot which indicates perforation. This was shown such the patient blowing air through on closing the nose and mouth, and making forced expiration.

The cases most difficult heal are those following phd dissertations scarlatina while those produced acute catarrh, or puncture, heal more readily, if the perforation not large size.

AVhen more than one-half the membrane destroyed, rarely heals. Recently I have had under university essay help treatment two cases which healed in three months but the majority require many months, and even years, accomplish the closure.

In another place the exanthematous affections the middle ear have been fully treated and the great importance pointed out giving early attention them. The treatment simple subacute perforations help me write term paper help my thesis will depend somewhat upon the cause but generally they require antiphlogistic measures leeches or cups, with warm fomentations and brisk purgation.

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Opium or its salts, with Or without antimony, at bedtime, will hasten the cure.

The aftertreatment will consist blisters behind the ear, with a mild astringent wash sulphate or acetate zinc, with the addition tinctura opii this treatment applies all cases Chronic perforation. In cases perforation long standing, resort solutions nitrate silver, grs. i water, or solutions iodine or carbolic acid, applied with great care, means a brush or piece cotton, not oftener than every third day.

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At the same time should online paper writing service attend carefully the constitutional treatment by alteratives and tonics and keep the pharyngeal orifice the Eustachian need help writing sociology essay tube open and free from mucus, means of Politzer's air-bag or its modifications, that there may a free connection with the throat. Thudichum's uasal douche will found useful, if the nose and throat buy english research papers are affected, as Syringing, as a general rule, should forbidden, and, when necessary, the modification Thudichum's apparatus Dr.

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Clarke should preferred for the purpose. The danger from syringing the liability increasing the size the perforation. The pus and other matters that accumulate in the ear should removed at least daily the use a little cotton or soft sponge moistened in tepid water and, remove fetor, a few drops Burnett's solution chloride zinc, diluted one part twelve water, or a weak solution carbolate zinc should used. Mr.

Hinton recommends drying-powders, such as magnesia, chalk, etc. Solutions the acetate lead are very objectionable, as TREATMENT OP PERFORATION OF MEMBRANA TYMPANI. there danger deposits lead being formed, even when the solution rendered acid although the danger thought lessened this measure. The application solid nitrate silver the edges the perforation attended with risk increasing the size rather than leading its diminution. The local application should simply stimulate the edges the perforation a sufficient degree increase the activity, the circulation, and favor the closure granulation. This done with great facility melting the salt in the platinum ladle, and applying Livingstone's elastic caustic probe. Should suppuration or a free discharge from the middle ear exist, this must gotten rid before the opening can closed. The proportion cases in which closure takes place one in five such, at least, accords with the experience the author.