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The acid gradually added the lime contained in a bottle, the neck which should long. Experience, however, has taught that carbonic acid does not render greater service than the use of the medicated fluids.

For their application the help essay compressive apparatus before described may used, or the vapor may be blown directly out the apparatus into the tube the month.

Such bodies as will readily evaporate, and are applicable without aqueous vapors, may simply put in a valved bulb, the air impregnated with vapor being driven in through the catheter.

When the compressive apparatus used, or the vapor blown the mouth into the tube, the vessel which contains the vapor or aeriform body must provided with two glass tubes, bent at right need help writing essays angles and fastened in the stopper the vessel. The end the tube outside the vessel connected with the compressive apparatus by means a top ten essay writing services caoutchouc hose, the end which then be joined the catheter introduced into the Eustachian tube, in which way the vapors can driven into the middle ear means the compressive apparatus.

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The vapors may be blown into help on college essay the ear through the free end the glass tube, which otherwise connected with the compressive apparatus. If the fluid employed must warmed, the vessel containing should placed in the sand-bath, or over a spirit flame.

In the application warm vapors those of water are employed at a temperature Rem.

the catheter must surrounded with a non-conductor best an elastic tube, or simply some sticking-plaster protect the nasal parts from the high temperature.

We must not fail notice, in this connection, the pneumatic apparatus which much efficiency has been ascribed in the diseases under discussion. I the opinion that can reduced the same principle as the above, pressure air and our therapeutics has obtained no great result since have the means heighten the pressure in a more direct way throughout both the tube and auditory passage as much as please, without confusing the patient.

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Acute catarrhs will occasionally subside themselves, without any assistance and, in chronic cases, this apparatus will With reference the use various springs, I find that they are no direct benefit the diseases the ear, but are indicated only cure or relieve the general disorder with which the various inflammatory processes in the mucous membrane are connected, and which late have been too much neglected physicians. The use salt, iodine, or iron baths must find a frequent indication, according to what has been shown under the research writing services head Etiology.

Salt need help writing paper baths are most effectual with individuals who, from the tenderness and great sensibility their skin, are inclined relapses and Pagenstecher declares that the methodical use of warm baths had acted beneficially.

He asserts that some patients had, at least, experienced no increase their deafness from the use the Weisbaden therms hot springs. CATARRH OF THE TYMPANUM PARACENTESIS OF MEMBRANA The operation puncturing the membrana tyrapani has been employed since the time Astley Cooper, and is still resorted for relieving a thickened membrana tympani. At one time was highly lauded, and again much neglected, and was revived Bonnafont and others, but never founded homework help thesis statement upon a true scientific and pathological basis. The following are the conclusions Schwartze and Troltscht, two the most careful and reliable observers, that among the many reports favorable results from this operation, none them can said give any sufficient evidence its real value course Von Troltsch now speaking the paracentesis performed in cases chronic catarrh and not those where has been done, as in the opening an abscess, unless the thesis chapters patients have remained for a long time under observation after the operation. Most the histories are in this respect imperfect. Schwartze says that, the present time, only in very rare cases a permanent success has been seen trustworthy observers. Mr. James Hinton reports seven cases for the most part very favorably. Five, three which were very successful, would throw some doubts upon the conclusion arrived at Schwartze, who only operated upon eight cases chronic catarrh also states in his pamphlet, Die Paracentese des Trommelfells, von Dr. Schwartze.