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In school. The first important matter place the mute or semimute in the healthiest part the country, free from dampness or any malarious emanations, where there access to valade-gabel's medical treatment deaf mutes.

good and abundant food, warm clothing, ghostwriter service help with writing for students healthful exercise with cheerful company, and regulated gymnastic exercise.

Medical treatment. We are the opinion that, as a general rule, cougenital deaf mutism not curable.

If the child, however, has shown any signs hearing, or has ever spoken, buy college essays Wilde, and several good authorities, advise that every possible pains should taken keep the articulation, whether heard the child or not. homework help essays The late Mr. Toynbee's treatment consisted in the use trumpets, whereby the nervous apparatus may gradually excited as to become sensitive ordinary sonorous undulations and external stimulants. In cases where, disease subsequent birth, either the membrana tympani dissertation editing services reviews or the mucous membrane lining the tympanum has been thickened, counter-irritation over the mastoid process will aid the use trumpets and in those where the membrana tympani has been partially or wholly destroyed ulceration, and where there a constant discharge mucus, pus, etc. from the surface the tympanic mucous membrane, desirable syringe the ears occasionally with a weak astringent, as prevent the membrane becoming ulcerated and the bone which covers carious. The artificial drum, made gutta-percha or a piece wet cotton, may also resorted Triquet, not depending upon his own judgment in treatment, gives the competent conclusions Valade-Gabel The deaf mute who presents the most favorable conditions for treatment whose accidental deafness has supervened at the age at which the child begins hear and speak, and who still retains some faint evidence hearing and speech. If the organic lesion, the first cause the infirmity, seated beyond the nerve centres if the child be intelligent, and have no brother or sister in the same state as himself if the child healthy parents, who have essay paper writing help no connection consanguinity, and if have never previously been under treatment, the chances cure are numerous and if all these conditions are met with in the same subject, the chances almost reach a certainty. On the contrary, they decrease in value in proportion as one or more those conditions are wanting, and when all are wanting should entertain scarcely any hope.

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Triquet agrees with this opinion Valade-Gabel in every point, and have already declared our own in the most positive terms. One word more.

If the child has shown any signs hearing and speech, if deafness has come on in the first months life under the influence catarrhal or eruptive fever, hooping-cough, coryza, or angina, there can no doubt that medical treatment should resorted at the earliest moment possible. But if the child has lost hearing while in the uterus, or after convulsions, brain fever, etc.

if has never given signs hearing or speech, however weak those signs might the chances the success treatment will extremely uncertain, and should not conceal that fact from the parents.

Triquet cites many instances the so-called cures deaf mutes which are found in the records medical literature, but account certain defects detail and their help writing a dissertation not being well authenticated not necessary for to copy them. We will only refer one case, which, coming from a gentleman the highest authority in the profession and thoroughly qualified in this special department, is worth more than all the so-called cured cases. Dr. Von Troltsch, in the fourth edition his work the Ear, writes As a matter course, medical treatment must be introduced as soon as possible with the systematic instruction. I could relate you from practice several cases in which deaf mutism was obviously prevented, or was checked, or caused retrograde, when in a condition development. For instance, there under treatment at present a child four and a half years old, who, from the first months his existence, has suffered from a profuse discharge from both ears, and conscious only of loud sounds. Until within a few months, when I saw him Introduction a l'Etude medicale philosophe Sourdemutete.