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way between Forty-fourth and Forty-fifth Streets. I was accompanied Prof. Elsberg, and were at once ushered into the school-room.

The pupils, as a class, had a very intelligent look. The first pupil brought need help writing college application essay forward was a little girl nine years age. The principal caught her eye, and spoke her in a whisper, without any special contortions of the mouth, and without hesitation the child replied, writing upou the blackboard, This gentleman from Philadelphia, paraphrasing matters and a doctor. He then called upon a boy, who was a congenital mute, who also repeated his words with more effort. I was then requested test their proficiency, asking them a question in arithmetic which I did and, although I wore a moustache covering lips, two them pay someone to write my research paper at once comprehended question, and answered it promptly. Other questions were answered them, and they could read the lips the principal Prof. Rising the whole distance the school-room, some twenty-five or thirty feet. There were also children who were day-scholars and one very intelligent little fellow delighted and his parent very much being able say father and mother. v He also called out Home, when was time There was great diversity in the sounds which they uttered, some being more or less disagreeable but none them as harsh as an animal, which scientific need help writing scholarship essay paper writing services has been compared. The consonants were the most difficult pronounce but the principal showed great ingenuity in his efforts make them understand them the vibration the head and the neck. He gives the following explanation the method Explanation the articulate method.

Dissertation proposal example

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At the risk, the one hand, being unnecessarily explicit, and the other, not clearly and concisely illustrating the mechanical formation letters, the following attempt explain some of the sounds the alphabet made.

It hoped that the parents little ones, who are deaf, will thus acquire some hints which will enable them teach their children utter, not alone the sounds here described, but all the sounds of the different letters and words easy pronunciation.

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The foundation the system rests upon the fact that articulation simply a mechanical process, the result certain well-defined positions and movements the vocal organs, together with a more or less forcible expulsion air from the lungs. Of the former, his sense vision renders the mute cognizant the latter, his sense feeling. All children are imitative, the mute child particularly and upon the possession this faculty, imitation, that our success in teaching him depends. We proceed, then, at the outset, making simple gestures with the arms, the easier gymnastics in short then walk, look in various directions, sit, stand, etc. all which operations readily Having thus engaged his attention, place him directly in front you, press your upper teeth in a marked manner upon the lower lip, hold a bit paper in your hand, and blow sees the paper fly away, amused, imitates the process, and has given his first letter. Again, swell your lips out with air, open them quickly, the paper flutters away this Should too forcible, or not sufficiently in forming this letter, then imitate a person smoking a pipe the puff, puff, conveys the idea exactly. Place the tongue between the teeth, force the air out that shall come in one volume, best felt the professional research writers assignment writing service nz back the pupil's hand, and produced. U simply the expiration breath with slightly increased force, the mouth opened naturally. With closed lips the force the letter felt by the pupil, who must apply his finger the side his nose the vibration indicates the rapid expulsion air from the iV.