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For several months has been pronounced that he has been unable perform his usual work.

With the exception gonorrhoea, never had any illness. He certain that never had syphilis.

Family history good. He says never ate or Condition the ist October, two weeks prior the stretching the right sciatic nerve. help with academic writing uk The essay editing services lightning-like pains with which afliicted recur very frequently the longest online paraphrasing interval of freedom from them during the last year has been only five days.

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They generally affect the lower extremities. It but seldom complains pain elsewhere, and then only in the left arm. The pains are extreme severity, but only momentary duration. They generally last hours, and during that time are nearly always confined a small spot.

A favorite situation for them the dorsum the right foot.

When they last for paraphrasing paragraphs hours always noticed that the limb which has been their seat has atrophied. Repeated measurements have shown a diminution half an inch in the circumference the limb.

Dissertation help services

He very slow to appreciate painful sensations when applied the two lower and left upper extremities. In the feet there an interval about six seconds before he able feel a severe pinch or the prod a needle.

In the legs this interval five, and in the thigh eight seconds.

He feels the simple rubbing the hairs his legs much more readily than a severe pinch the skin. He able to distinguish, although slowly, the difl'erence between a hot and a cold application, when applied his lower extremities. With his eyes shut unable touch the point his nose with either hand nor able point out the position his feet. His sight good, although there commencing atrophy both discs. The pupils react slowly to light, but readily when the eyes are accommodat ing. There no myosis umi dissertations or paralysis any ocular muscle. He able distinguish colors. His hearing, taste, and smell are all normal. He complains greatly numbnessof both lower extremities, and a very disagreeable sensation, write my summary for me as if the skin were too tight for his legs.