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The dura mater thus becomes materially thickened. Each thesis formatting one these layers vascular, and occasionally one these vessels ruptures, resulting in a hemorrhage between two the layers. I had until recently under care a lady of about middle age, suffering from tinnitus in the left ear, evidently depending upon some subacute inflammatory change in the middle ear. At times, seemed threaten development into Meniere's disease. attacks vertigo associated with tinnitus, but I cannot say that ever fully assumed this character. She appeared be benefited a course treatment which consisted in careful attention hygiene and diet, the prolonged use quinia with iodide potassium and counter-irritation over the mastoid process and the Last spring, while feeling unusually well, she began complain a great deal gastric distress. This was most marked after eating. It appeared relieved a prescription containing data analysis coursework pepsin, and the omission all other remedies, but soon returned.

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There was never any vomiting. Examination the abdomen showed tenderness, but no purchase custom research paper thickening or hardening essay help chat could detected.

She came a healthy family, her mother living the age, and as far as could discovered, no member the family had suffered from malignant disease. There has been no sufficient cause to explain the development gastric pain and I have therefore, for a time, hoped that might prove a case gastralgia, which her angemic condition rendered not improbable.

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I had, however, observed that differed irom a gistralgia in two particulars.

In the first place the taking cheapest assignment writing service of food, instead affording relief, paper writing service reviews increased the distress. In simple neuralgia the stomach, we generally find that the ingestion food relieves the pain, which again appears as the stomach becomes empty.

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need help with scholarship essay In the second place, the pain was constant, instead being paroxysmal, as is usual in gastralgia.

I therefore suspected the existence a gastric ulcer. There was, however, no vomiting, the amount tenderness was nat extreme and the occurrence simple gastric ulcer in a woman whose surroundings were favorable, who had good food, and who was free from all care, As the spring went finding attemps to relieve this pain were unsuccessful, I put the patient bed and gave her an exclusive diet milk, in small quantities at short intervals. I also gave her alteratives, such as bismuth, nitrate silver, minute doses carbolic acid, with soda, valerianate zinc and various other preparations, hoping relieve the gastric distress but nothing afforded relief, and she became thinner and thinner. About the middle June I went away, leaving her under the care Ur. James Tyson and Dr. Judson Daland. When I returned I found that she had died, and that an autopsy had been held, and that the specimen now before you had been removed. I propose examine this with you to-day. The case, as you will have inferred, proved one of malignant disease the stomach.

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