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In the light the past history therapeutics, who is bold enough assert that alcohol shall not have a similar fate.

We cannot close our eyes the fact that leading scientists and foremost investigators, keep afiirmii and re-affirming, that alcohol a poison under all circumstances and never remedial.

Other than these have no sore guides.

The decrees science are imperial, and when proclaimed with clearness must obeyed, and above all, medical men, who themselves are the devoted disciples science, bees in the hive research, and ever in the vanguard progress.

The proposal abolish akohol from oar theiapeutics revolutionary true, but what cares science for write my essay website that. Science a truth-seeker and never frets about consequences.

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Besides, the proposal perhaps, no more revolutionary than was the proposal at the time abolish venesection, as a universal cure.

At all events, are in duty bound examine closely what science and critical observation have say this important question.

All will admit that too late in the day to discuss alcohol as an article daily regimen. No man standing will risk his reputation advocating such a practice. However deep-rooted as a social buy papers online cheap custom, no longer rests a belief in the life-giving properties alcoholic stimulants of whatever form.

The causes the evil are be sought in other directions.

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That paradoxical position, namely, the beneficial write my english paper for me effects alcohol under opposite conditions heat and cold, has also been abandoned the one arctic explorers, and the other chiefly army experience. Science comes essay writing service review forward and gives the reasons in both cases, and find such reasons in harmony with known facts. Furthermore, conceded all sides that alcohol has had too wide a range in our therapeutics in the past, and that its scientific application lies within much narrower limits. However grotesquely practice made harmonize with theory, there can no doubt about a unanimity opinion on the foregoing points amongst medical men generally This marks a wide departure from old theories, a long stride toward the adoption more advanced views. Notwithstanding these concessions advanced science, the majority medical men hold that alcohol remedial and restorative within certain limits. The prevailing views may succiently formulated undel two propositions, as follows. Alcohol may and beneficial, under conditions temporary exposure, or suden and unusual strain, calling for the temporary exercise all the vital energy the system can be made give forth, in a state health. Alcohol may and beneficial, in failing vital energy, in a state disease. In the one, life endangered from without, and the other from within. As before stated, many have gone far as to banish alcohol altogether as a therapeutic agent, but think the above propositions fairly present the views an overwhelming majority best websites to buy essays the medical men the day. It but fair state, how ever, that majorities are not always safe guides. More especially this true in a case like the present, where the question one science, demanding careful investigation, and perhaps, a forsaking long-cherished convictions and deep-rooted prejudices. Turn now what the scientists have say about this question.