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The upper third, which connected directly with the tympanum, an osseous canal, formed in the petrous portion the temporal bone.

The lower two-thirds, communicating with the pharynx, are cartilaginous, and, gradually expanding in their course, terminate in an oval orifice having a prominent border situated at the side the pharynx, which seen at It a level with the turbinated bone, and therefore a little higher than the floor the nasal cavity. In children this tube much shorter and nearly horizontal.

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In the adult narrowest where the cartilaginous portion The muscles the tube are, first, the tensor palati, which arise in the fossa, at the root the internal pterygoid process the sphenoid bone, and some its fibres have their origin in the cartilaginous walls this tube.

The contraction the muscle in the act swallowing causes the expansion the portion the tube opening into the pharynx.

The levator palati arises from the under surface the petrous portion the temporal bone, its fibres lying in close contact with the cartilaginous portion the tube, but not arising These muscles have their insertion in the soft palate. In raising the soft palate, these muscles act constricting the pharynx and elevating the velum palati.

By this foreign bodies are prevented from finding their way into the upper part the pharynx and occluding the Eustachian tubes, as in vomiting, eructations and yet the walls the tube lie so lightly against each other that in eructations the wall will separate that air enters the ear. The relations and attachments the muscles the Eustachian tube have writing need to buy an essay dissertation service been recently demonstrated very satisfactorily Riidinger. The tensor-palati muscle a dilator the tube inserted along the whole length the hook the cartilage, passes forward, inward, and slightly downward, and its fibres spread out along the edge the soft palate and the side the pharynx. In contracting, draws the hook the cartilage forward and a little downward, thus enlarging the calibre the tube. The levator palati takes its origin from the temporal bone just below the osseous tube, and passes along the floor the tube, some of its fibres arising from the lower end the cartilage is inserted in the uvula, and, in contracting the belly the muscle which lies along the floor the tube, becomes thicker i need help on writing an essay the floor the tube raised, and the fibres rising from the cartilage serve draw the lower end this away The palato-pharyngeus rises from the posterior part the lower end the cartilage, passes backward, and inserted the posterior wall the pharynx.

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Its action would be draw the posterior wall the tube backward but, as it often but slightly developed, probably only serves to fix the cartilage, that the other muscles can act more The opening the tube thus the result the action of Beitrage zur vergleiclienden Anatomie und Histologie der Okrtrompete.


European Otological Society Transactions,. these three muscles the tensor palati, or dilatator tuba?, draws the hook the cartilage outward, the cartilage becomes less curved and the tube widened the levator palati in contracting becomes more horizontal, and draws the lower end the cartilage inward and upward, thus enlarging the pharyngeal orifice more than W.

As soon as these muscles cease acting, the elasticity the cartilage restores the canal The papilla? the dermoid layer the membrana tympani, first described Popper as a normal condition, and mentioned in Dr. Roosa's report last year, are of interest in connection with the polypoid growths which are sometimes found the surface the membrane, and which are undoubtedly hypertrophies these normal papillary We have already seen, in speaking the membrana tympani Plate, the handle the malleus, one website that writes essays for you a chain small bones connecting the membrana tympani with the oval window or fenestra ovalis. The malleus or hammerlike bone situated vertically, with its head lodged in the upper part the tympanum, and its handle, as before described, inserted between the fibrous layers the membrana tympani. Its head round and invested with a cartilage for articulation with the second bone. The malleus has two important processes arising from its necks the longer one Plate, a slender spine projecting nearly at right angles from the neck, and enters the glenoid fissure the shorter one a conical eminence at the root the neck Plate. The incus or anvil situated behind the malleus, near the entrance the mastoid sinuses Plate. It has also two processes the short one Plate,, which projects backward, and connected a ligamentous band the posterior part the tympanum the long one is curved and tapering Plate,, and descends nearly parallel the handle the malleus. Its end, internally, supports an orbicular process lenticular bone, which articulates with the head the third bone, dissertation assistance the stapes or stirrup. This all the bones in the body most resembles the object after which named. Make the pages term papers need help for writing essay link buy small, one-fourth that a foolscap sheet. 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