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Austin Flint read a paper The Selflimited Duration Pulmonaiy Disease, and mentioned several cases in which the disease subsided without any special treatment. Dr.

Williams, London, also read a paper The Contagion Phthisis, which held was incom patible with the theory germs.

online proofreading buy a paper and editing Dr. Harrison read a paper Primary Endocarditis, in which maintained college term paper for sale its possibiHty occurrence, and gave the history four best site to buy a research paper cases.

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In the section Surgery, Mr. Greig Smith opened the discussion Early operative treatment joint disease as a preventive excision. His plan was scrape away diseased tissues, move the joint freely, and drain antiseptically. Mr.

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Prigden Teale said his plan treatment was to make subcutaneous incisions into the how to buy essay online capsule of the joint and allow the fluid escape into the surrounding tissues absorbed. Martin's elastic bandage was recommended some the speakers promote absorption the effused fluid.

The subject litholapaxy received attention at the hands Mr. Reginald Harrison, Liverpool. He reported a case in which removed a calculus weighing ounces, and the patient recovered need help essay writing without any unpleasant symptoms. Mr.

Adams read a paper Forcible Movements in Stiff Joints. Cases suitable for operation were those traumatic origin in healthy constitutions, and those due rheumatic inflammation those due to struraons disease, and acute suppurative inflammation were unfavorable.

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He preferred the gradual the violent method breaking the adhesions. In the section Obstetrics Dr. Williams read a paper Subinvolution the Uterus, etc. Among the causes mentioned general debility, post-partun hemorrhage, retention portions placenta, laceration the perinaeuni, and pelvic inflammations. The treatment consisted in removing the cause, rest, and the use warm F. disinfectant vaginal injections. Dr. Bantock London read a paper Hysterectomy, and reported cases in which had removed the uterus for fibroids, with fifteen recoveries.