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This harmonizes with the results Helmholtz's researches, according which the organs for the perception murmurs are situated within the vestibule, and those for the perception musical sounds The following interesting case reported Dr. Meyer, and shows the good effects applying electricity for deafness in conjunction with other remedies. Carl, aged nine years, a lively and smart boy, a rather scrofulous diathesis, showed suddenly, in May, signs of difficult hearing, which alarmed his relatives, the more as already several members the family suffered from a similar difficulty.

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Ehrhard, being the opinion that the trouble was a rheumatic affection, the examination the ear showing no disease, ordered corrosive sublimate and baths of potash.

custom term papers After eight days the little patient could hear even a low conversation, musical sounds, rappings, etc. however, the hearing was very slight.

Iodide potassium was then substituted, and the potash-baths thesis for phd continued.

Now this peculiar symptom appeared, that the baths had term paper service no action upon the skin, although in the first week they produced a copious diaphoresis.

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Yet the perception spoken words improved while other sounds were online thesis writing services absolutely unheard.

The vibrating tuning-fork held against the skin produced no sensation its application the thorax caused the surprising discovery that there was an anaesthesia not only the face, but also the whole body, especially the upper portion. As the continued administration the above-mentioned remedies brought about no change, of July, upon the advice Privy Councillor Romberg, aid was sought with regard the application electricity. One application the electric brush the face, forearms, and hands sufficed remove the anaesthesia in its whole extent, and with also relieve the difficulty hearing. The increased temperature the skin following this operation, and the free perspiration now ensuing each time after the use of Electricity in its Eelations Practical Medicine, Dr.

Moritz Meyer, translated Hammond, New York.


a potash-bath, caused in a short time a complete restoration the sense hearing, that the patient could perceive both words and sounds as well as ever. The conclusions arrived at Dr. Meyer in the use coursework writing help thesis template electricity for many years are The interrupted current applicable in those cases in where to buy a good research paper To excite the muscles, the nerves sense, the sensory To produce contraction the blood or lymphatic Or affect certain organs supplied from the sympathetic. The use the constant current indicated in those a To excite the nerves sense or the skin. To destroy the outer skin or mucous membrane. To produce an increase warmth. To induce a chemical process and also blood coagulation. In galvanizing a nerve advisable often change the direction the current, because the conductibility a current flowing long in the same direction decreases, while with a change in where to buy a term paper the direction increases. Dr.