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Medical batteries, though highly finished even ornamental are still too complicated and too difficult kept in working order, and withal too expensive, become popular with the profestion. We are not all practical college essay help nyc electricians, and require a battery that simple in its construction, almost automatic in its action, and easily kept in order.

As a contribution this end, I propose describe a modification the portable galvaoo-faradic battery which I have recently adopted with advantage, and which I wish to call the attention the profession.

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I In the roethoNd securing the necessary pressure the hydrostat plate or plates. In the method putting the battery into This battery was made for in Toronto, and '. modification phd dissertation defense the battery invented Dr.

Mcintosh, Chicago.

In the Mcintosh battery the horizontal plate which the elements mla format essay help are thesis assistance writing attached padded the under side form a hydrostat plate, one-half which used cover the acid-cells when the battery help with dissertations not in action, while the elements, attached the remaining half.

are suspended in a drip cup the side said acid-cells.

The end each hydrostat plate is pressed down upon the cells means spring bolts and clamping screws. This latter arrangement quite eflFective but very inconvenient, as much time spent in clamping and unclamping the plates not merely when the battery taken to the bedside the patient, but also necessity whenever the battery used. In the new battery the pressure upon the hydrostat plates is made automatic simply placing bearings upon the lid the battery case. When the lid is closed the acid-cells are firmly covered, and when the lid open the bearings are removed and the plates may moved without loss time. Again, in the Mcintosh battery, when the apparatus used each hydrostat plate with the elements attached raised from the drip-cup, rotated upon its horizontal axis, and the elements immersed in the acid solution. When the seance ended, each hydrostat plate lifted from the fluid, and, before can replaced in the drip-cup, must again rotated upon its horizontal axis. This manipulation not specially inconvenient, but unfortunately the dripping the acid solution from the zinc and carbon elements commences before the horizontal rotation completed, and, unless very special care taken, ihe metal parts personal letter writing services contiguous plates are liable to become spattered. custom essay writing canada This obviated the expedient illustrated in the accompanying figures. Pm.

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TtM. The UirM hfim fktm kt potiUaa. Tt rif for oir rlapplac oIUm am bydraaUt pteta.v.Auction coa I represents the position the hydrostat plates an eighteen-cell combined galvano-Ciuradic battery when the elements are at rest The elements from I are resting in the drip-cups, six pairs being attached each the four hydrostat plates, and the left hand side thereof. The overlapping part each hydrostat plate covers the top six acid cells, which latter do my coursework online are the right each drip cup. In the Mcintosh battery the elements any one series, as, can be immersed in two ways first, lifting and then rotating the horizontal axis, and second by allowing the projecting hydrostat plate override the screw-cup, the adjoining plate the right i. Both methods are objectionable, the latter obviously and the former for reasons In the apparatus as modified the batterycase elongated best essay writing service canada the right, the extent half the width a hydrostat plate, as provide a space for overlapping that extent. When the elements the first series i are immersed, space is left for the overlapping the hydrostat plate of the second series, which, in turn, makes way for the third, and When the third series of elements are immersed, the end drip-cup the left left uncovered.