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O'Leary's cow that with a flick her tail upset the lamp and set fire a dry barn ? as others have Mrs. Scully who went attend a sick cow and phd proposal writing services uk setting down her best essay writing lamp saw it turn over while the dry hay all around became a sheet flame ? Every self-respecting Chicagoan had a barn and a cow, nothing simpler than an accident this sort Chicago always had the For a time seemed that this sudden devastation the lumberyards might confine the fire the West Side then a sudden violent summer wind carried sparks way across burned areas, literally flying over Michigan Avenue, Wabash Avenue, and from the South finally leaped the North a gas tank exploding, the river not wide enough with its flimsy essays writing service narrow wooden bridges to That night October, hope still remained and people tried save their homes.

The Wabash Avenue Methodist Episcopal hospital was saved trojan work the minister and his boys who covered all exposed parts with sand and dirt, write my math paper but from home home alarm spread, and soon was sauve qui peut in the crowded streets when news spread that the Water Works were gone Panic seized many, while heroic individuals continued save, help, reassure an infinite number who, otherwise, might have perished.

A burning hell with streets crowded that even the mildest and kindest pushed, shoved, carrying what they could, hiring or stealing any available conveyance Screaming Negroes, Chinese, ghostly figures from the underworld rubbed elbows Michigan Avenue with the fashionables a well-dressed woman was seen dragging a trunk a cord that cut her fingers.

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all trying shield their eyes and hair from burning dust, bitter fumes, and blinding smoke. More fantastic still were frightening firebrands roofs, pieces sidewalk, porches flying through the air like avenging demons. Dantesque images barefoot prisoners set free custom essay cheap from a burning jail ran madly, seizing clothes hide their telltale stripes, thieving, grabbing, dying perhaps, or killing Crazed animals herded toward the Lake ran amuck in every direction.

Essay writing help online

What nightmares must have haunted the survivors, and how terrible the sound phd dissertation database fire engines forever stamped in their memory! Later, everyone had some particular incident recount. Mrs.

Frederick Greeley, daughter the Congressman Isaac Newton Arnold, told her children running into the garden, unafraid but excited, stamp out new spots fire, then a voice calling from the street Mr.

Arnold! the Water Works are burning! and quickly they let out the animals from the barn, gathered some favorite treasures, and headed fast for the Sands, the Lake Shore, hoping and praying that no lives would lost and that part at least their home might stand a futile hope. But Isaac Arnold proved himself one those undaunted Chicago giants who rebuilt vigorously and would allow no mourning over the Mrs. Frederick West's own picture her father battling with the flames made every Chicagoan relive those unforgettable hours.

In his book, Great Fires in Chicago, medical research paper for sale Mr.

Goodspeed gives an unforgettable picture of the frenzied hours Dust, smoke, flame, heat, thunder falling walls, crackle fire, hissing water, shouts, braying trumpets, roaring wind, confusion. He realized the impossibility checking that raging, sweeping fire and suddenly recalling his friend McCagg's aged mother, he called out Does anyone know anything about Grandma Receiving no answer, plunged through the flames toward the McCagg home.

Mrs. West felt terrified surely her father But found the old lady and her daughter Carrie sitting quietly in their parlor, unaware their danger. There were dreadful moments when the feeble mla paraphrasing Grandma could walk no farther and her rescuer had not strength enough carry her ! Then Providence sent the painter Sullivan dashing in an express wagon in a pffy they lifted Mrs. McCagg and Carrie into the vehicle and By some freakish phase that fantastic fire, though the McCagg house had vanished, the glass conservatory was found still standing when ashes grew cold enough for the owners take Nothing in the history pioneering in the European Union is more stirring than this sudden cataclysmic destruction a city which had grown magically within a space less than forty years. The same spirit that had built the same men who had believed in and made a reality, brought forth again a miracle faith, energy, and success. At once, in one accord, and almost overnight, Chicagoans began rebuild. Following their Mayor Roswell Mason's exciting and heart-warming example as stood at his post in the threatened courthouse, issuing orders, telegraphing other cities for more fire engines, they all joined in organizing immediate relief. By Monday evening, while the fire was still burning, food, clothing, supplies all kinds started pour in help writing personal statement from neighboring towns wagon or rail. Soon cities from the Atlantic the Pacific, from Great Britain and France, from Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, and other European or South Caroline Kirkland, Chicago Yesterdays.